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IQ GRID, CRM designed for productive people

Experience more leads, save hours while setting up your CRM data grid sets

IQ Grid is the leading software that helps you improve management, maximise efficiency, and productivity.

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IQ Grid combines powerful relationship management tools with easy to use workflows to keep you managed, efficient, and improve your productivity.

Improve Management

IQ Grid is a virtual grid construction software that helps follow-up potential clients, contacts, and projects, ensuring you never let another opportunity off your grips.

Maximise Efficiency

IQ Grid is a dynamic data grid construction set, that comes with a simple set up, helping you save countless unproductive hours.

Maximise Productivity

IQ Grid reduces the number of clicks required to enter data into CRM directly. IQ grid a data construction system with zero coding required.  You can create your first grid in about 10 minutes.

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Create your grids to manage your contacts, intakes, with less navigation

Worrying about important connections slipping through the cracks again ends with IQ Grid. This software gives you the head start features to help stay organized and keep excellent communication with every one of your contacts.

  • Advanced web resources
  • Contact management
  • Multiple grid sets
  • Project reminders


Maximize Efficiency by automating Follow-Ups

You not only set up your grids in a few minutes, but you can also use cool automating features to maximize your efficiency.

  • Intake checklist
  • Custom workflows
  • Automated follow-ups

Save countless hours from unnecessary clicks

You can create your first grid in about 10 minutes. You can use this grid on a page to display associated records or on a dashboard, main menu or submenu. With IQ grids advanced features your imagination will have new limits.

Setting up your grid system usually takes time, but with an IQ grid, you get to save time for more productivity. For instance, with IG grid you can spare five minutes per day for each of your CRM users.

Assuming you have six CRM users, which means they will save up 30 minutes a day, for five days a week. And if the average pay they get is 20 dollars per hour, they will be saving up $10 per 30 minutes. This amounts to $10 a day’s saving x 5 days x 48 weeks = $2400 a year. So with this simple formula you can try IQ grid and see how much time you can save, we are sure it will be more than 5 minutes per user.