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CRM And Resco Solution for Advanced Job Costing

It all comes together… every time

The Landscape Construction Company (tlcc) is a specialist in delivering high quality landscape construction services nationwide. We are experienced at providing landscape solutions for public and private spaces for all levels of Government (Federal, State and Local). We also provide the same services for boutique development companies and publicly listed international companies.

tlcc has cultivated a reputation for excellence in landscape construction throughout the 11 years we have been operating. Our reputation doesn’t only come from the quality of finished projects we deliver; it is also due to the level of customer service that we provide. We go the extra mile to create sustainable outdoor spaces that exceed your expectations. Our team offers a diverse range of skills and experience to provide expert advice at every stage of your project.

  • Commercial landscape construction
  • Project Budgeting – (Including GMP Workup)
  • Estimation
  • Project Management
  • Low-Rise Building Works
  • Civil Works
  • Maintenance Division
  • Hire Division
  • Environmental Protection and
  • Conservation of Green Space
  • Client Collaboration and Partnerships

TLCC Business Challenge

TLCC had a vision to cost there jobs down to Estimated item level unlike most systems that only work at a cost code level.

This Challenge also included mobilizing the workforce with a app for purchase order and deliveries as well as other business functions

there was already a CRM based cost system in place and the plan was to customize this to do the job.


The solution was to incorporate a custom Resco Solution as the Mobile component due to the need to be in offline remote areas as well as areas with good coverage.

Apple cell enabled IPad’s where chosen as the hardware solution for this mobile Component.

IQ Grid was then integrated into the Dynamics CRM job cost system this allowed for some new ideas and ways to modify the budget items.