It all comes together… every time

The Landscape Construction Company (tlcc) is a specialist in delivering high quality landscape construction services nationwide. We are experienced at providing landscape solutions for public and private spaces for all levels of Government (Federal, State and Local). We also provide the same services for boutique development companies and publicly listed international companies.

“We always deliver
on our promises”


tlcc has cultivated a reputation for excellence in landscape construction throughout the 11 years we have been operating. Our reputation doesn’t only come from the quality of finished projects we deliver; it is also due to the level of customer service that we provide. We go the extra mile to create sustainable outdoor spaces that exceed your expectations. Our team offers a diverse range of skills and experience to provide expert advice at every stage of your project.

We are client focused and project outcome driven, believing that it is our job to make your job as easy as possible. tlcc provides a complete solution for both soft and hard landscape construction. We create places and spaces that people want to live in and use.

  • Commercial landscape construction
  • Project Budgeting – (Including GMP Workup)
  • Estimation
  • Project Management
  • Low-Rise Building Works
  • Civil Works
  • Maintenance Division
  • Hire Division
  • Environmental Protection and
  • Conservation of Green Space
  • Client Collaboration and Partnerships

tlcc is in the perfect position of being the right size to meet the needs of any project. A growing company, we currently employ over 100 full time staff. This means that we have the flexibility to increase the workforce on your project to ensure that critical timelines are met.

We enjoy a track record of stability in business, having operated for 11 years under the same Directorship. tlcc ensures that the end project continues the vision originally created. Our capabilities lie strongly in ensuring a high quality finished result is achieved for the benefit of all stakeholders and to ensure it all comes together… every time.